samedi, 20. octobre 2018, France, United States of Africa Ball PART II

à partir de 20. octobre 2018 - 15:00 Jusqu'à 23:00
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Description de l'événement
Father Vinii Revlon & Father Charly ***** presents: UNITED STATES OF AFRICA BALL PART II sponsored by Hornet & Afrique Arc-en-Ciel IDF

PARIS BALLROOM TV 📺 will be present!

Hosted By : Vinii R & Charly E

Commentator : Matyouz Ladurée
Dj : Lazy Flow Ladurée



🎊Beginners Runway (less than a year): You are an upcoming model on yaway to a casting for a fashion agency in Wakanda.

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Your dress code: a wax print skirt and a black top for European Runway & a wax print pant and a black top for American Runway

🎊BQ American Runway: African Royalty at his best. Bring it inspired by the movie “Coming to America” with Eddie Murphy

🎊BQ Euro Runway: Fashion world has always been inspired by North Africa, especially Egypt & his history. Tonight will be the perfect night to mix Africa and Fashion, come inspired by Christian Dior Spring/Summer 2004 Haute Couture Fashion Show

🎊FF Runway: Africa is filled with magnificent felines including the graceful, yet fierce Leopard. Create your outfit with leopard prints. Make it Couture and Fashion


🎊FF *** Siren: Birds in Africa are colored and beautiful. Tonight, bring it in a bird costume effect to celebrate them

🎊Catboy/Bq Sexsiren: Come and showcase your *** appeal inspired by Ogun, The African God of Iron

🎊Body As A Couple: Bring it inspired by Shango & Oyá to represent The Yoruba people. Your couple can be two mens, two girls or a men with a girl


🎊Prettyboy Realness: Mens from West Africa are wearing it for big occasions, United States of Africa ball part II is one of them. Bring it in your bazin outfit

🎊Executive/Thug Realness (3 trophies): Bring it like Akon, the famous raper from Senegal with a white top and a necklace

🎊Drag/Fem Queen Realness (2 trophies): You are the wifey of a famous soccer player from the African Cup of Nations. Tonight, bring it in a banji look with a jersey of his country

🎊Schoolboy Realness: Students, your outfit gotta represent the African country flag of your choice. To get your 10s, explain to us in English what was your worst experience in bed to complete the poll of our sponsor (Hornet)


🎊Tag team FF ****: Represent the African tribes and bring it with an ovah feathers headdress to impress the crowd with your beauty

🎊BQ models magazine ****: Are you that **** we see in magazines? Bring it like the Tuareg Nomads of the Sahara Desert with a framed photo or photos of yourself. Do your research, this is a classic category full of history walked by Icons Stuart *****, Danielle Revlon , Octavia St. Laurent, Whitney Garcon to name a few… On this night, take the chance to create your own moment


🎊Beginners Vogue (less than a year): Welcome to the Pride Lands of Africa where felines rule over the animal kingdom of the savanna. Bring it like your favorite one: Lions, leopards or cheetahs

🎊BQ Old Way: Choosen by the King to keep peace in Wakanda, bring it inspired by the Dora Milaje’s in a warrior effect

🎊FF Old Way: Take me back to that time where the femqueens were eating and serving the old way. Come in an elegant dress and a heel representing Leila Lopes, Miss Universe 2011 from Angola

🎊New Way: Everybody knows that Beyoncé has been heavily inspired by Africa. Tonight, bring it with a makeup tribal inspired by her clip “Sorry “

🎊Women Performance: Ladies, bring it like Cleopatra, the Legendary Queen of Egypt

🎊FF Performance: GrandPrize 1000€
Bring it like your own n creative version of the fierce descended of African witches & priestesses: Storm !!!!!!!!!!!

To get your tens, you gotta call out the girl(s) u wanna battle tonight in a shady production

🎊OTA Tag Team Performance: Pick your partner and come ready to slay in a matching outfit inspired by the work of Phillis Galembo

🎊Team Supreme BQ Performance as a House (Bq Vogue Fem & Twister): The Kingdom of Wakanda has evolved and its not one but 4 black panthers that are coming to United States of Africa ball part II ready to defend their tribes and protect the precious vibranium

Pick the best 4 members of your house to create your Supreme Team Performance. Productions are a plus, not a must

🎊Legendary Performance: Omari, Justin, Starr, Marquis, Arturo, Dashaun, Alex, Leiomy, LiteBrite and few others have been very supportive to the Paris scene so we decided to open this category for the very first time in Paris. Come and show to the European Scene why you are a legend! Who’s going to be the first Legend to win this category in Paris? Bring it with the African colors aka green, yellow and red

🎊Hands performance: Pay homage to Papa Wemba, one of our biggest artist in Africa who died few years ago. Get your 10s with an extravagant hat and a pair of sunglasses

🎊Production as a house: Last year, this category was one of the highlight of the night… Will it be the same this year? Bring it inspired by the Lion King


🎊Best Dressed spectator: You came done to see the ball with your African touch, let’s see who s the best dressed tonight in Wakanda

🎊Commentator vs. Commentator: Get your 10s with a chant including few African words. Do your research and get the crowd up!!!

🎊First Time in Drag at a Ball: We don't know you in the ballroom scene or we might know you in another aspect. Tonight, come out for your very first time ever in drag with an Afro wrap

🎊Bazaar: South Africa has a long and rich puppetry history. Tonight, bring it like a Giant African Puppet.

United States of Africa Ball PART II, France événement

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