mercredi, 18. décembre 2019, Paris, Corporate Blockchain Training: Quick start with Hyperledger Fabric [ Paris ]

à partir de 18. décembre 2019 - 9:00
Jusqu'à 20. décembre 2019 - 18:00


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Description de l'événement
Nobody likes boring theory. With the emphasis on practical labs, this quick-start training will let you get hands dirty into enterprise blockchain architecture right at the training. Become fully armed to write a basic chaincode, administer the network, and create a POC on top of Hyperledger Fabric in just three days.

Who should attend

DevOps engineers deploying and operating distributed applications on the cloud-based infrastructure

Developers writing chaincode in Golang/Java/Node.js

Everyone who wants to start working on their own PoC

Everyone who wants to be prepared for the Certified Hyperledger Fabric Administrator exam

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Why enroll

Get scripts for automated Hyperledger Fabric network configuration and deployment of the multi-host Hyperledger Fabric with the Solo orderer and a Kafka cluster

Practice chaincode implementation for popular blockchain use cases

Get REST API developed for Hyperledger Fabric

Prerequisites and skills
All attendees work on their laptops with:

Local installation of Ubuntu 16 (dual boot or virtual)

Docker, Docker-compose, Golang v1.8 or higher

An IDE with Golang support: Eclipse, VSCode, JetBrains

Basic knowledge of Golang, Java, or JavaScript (syntax, control flow)
Basic understanding of PKI and Docker

By the end of the course participants will:

Be fully armed to configure, set up, and manage the enterprise blockchain application life cycle

Be proficient in writing the chaincode to implement advanced business logic

Have an application with a universal configuration deployed on their working stations with a basic chaincode and the REST API

Able to architect modular structures integrating Fabric with external file storages

Enterprise blockchain training program
Day 1. 
Hyperledger Fabric concept and fundamentals (Theory)

An architecture, a consensus mechanism, and a transaction flow

Fabric CA and Membership Service Provider (MSP)

Anatomy of configuration files and crypto material

Practical advice: How to start a corporate blockchain project

Prototyping the distributed ledger(s) for each channel

Defining the sources of all types of data

Drawing the diagrams of all business processes: the Actors, and how they are supposed to interact with the ledger(s)

Describing algorithms for the chaincode for each channel

Use Hyperledger Composer to create your first application (Hands-on)
Practice with a Demo-network (PoC)

Supply chain management: assets origin and transfer

OTC trading platform: peer-to-peer direct deals

Day 2. 
Chaincode (Theory)

Fabric Chaincode anatomy overview; chaincode example

Chaincode events

Chaincode interaction between channels

How to start writing the chaincode: implementation of business logic of basic use cases

Application lifecycle management (Hands-on)

Setting up a Hyperledger Fabric network in a developer mode (on a single host)

Chaincode installation and instantiation

Endorsement policy configuration and change

Chaincode modification or upgrade

Use CLI commands to manage the application running on Fabric  (Hands-on)

Customizing the application

Reconfiguring the network: adding a new channel and chaincode

Adding new Organizations to the channel

Troubleshooting the network: analyzing peer logs

Key Chaincode patterns applied to popular use-cases  (Hands-on)

Chaincode implementation

Management of private data collections

Chaincode debug

Day 3.
Hyperledger Fabric configuration and deployment automation (Hands-on)

Designing an enterprise solution based on Fabric framework

Multi-host Fabric Starter with the Solo-Orderer and a Kafka cluster


Use Hyperledger Caliper to measure performance of your blockchain (Demo)
Advanced Fabric integration concepts (Demo)

Organizing permissioned access applying external identity management tools

Integration with an external (off-chain) file storage

Meet the Trainer: 
Vitaliy Chernov, Blockchain Business Trainer
Vitaliy has an engineering background in Electronics and holds MBA degree majoring in Finance from Manchester Business School. His career started in banking: trading in capital markets helped him accumulate knowledge of financial instruments and trading systems. Later on, Vitaliy focused on FinTech solutions and enterprise processes automation in various industries: consumer goods production, telecommunications, retail, and real estate development.
With the emergence of blockchain technology, Vitaliy has realized new potential of the DLT for enterprises. He works as a Project Manager applying Hyperledger frameworks to enterprise blockchain solutions in finance, manufacturing and healthcare industries.

Am I a good fit? You need some knowledge of Golang or Java: know syntax, control flow. Blockchain experience is nice to have, but not required.
Can I pay by invoice? Please send details at full name, number of tickets, your address or your company's address (if the invoice is paid by the company).
More Q&As at Frequently asked questions on our homepage.
If you have questions about the program or doubts whether this course is a good fit for you, please get in touch with us at training@ connect you with the trainer!
! Please note the training is contingent upon having 7 attendees. If we don't have enough tickets sold, we will cancel the training and refund your money one week prior to the training. Thanks for your understanding.

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About the Organizer:
Altoros is a digital transformation consultancy that has built a reputation in blockchain space. We are an active member of Hyperledger project, contributing expertise of our engineers.
We have built a number of blockchain application prototypes for insurance and financial services clients and conducted technical training on Hyperledger Fabric 0.6 for a large financial services corporation, as well as a number of blockchain workshops for executives in (Re)Insurance, Lending & Securitization field.
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Corporate Blockchain Training: Quick start with Hyperledger Fabric [ Paris ], Paris événement



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