mardi, 10. septembre 2019, Paris, Building Modern Leadership Skills - Webinar

à partir de 10. septembre 2019 - 11:00 Jusqu'à 12:00


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Leadership used to be easy.
There was a boss at the top, and the whole organisation was shaped like a pyramid.
If you were the boss, you told others what to do and they had to do it.
That was leadership, plain and simple.
But now… there is no pyramid anymore.
Organisations are changing, people are changing, work is changing and if everything else is now different, then leadership must also change.
With digitalization happening at a faster pace every day, with new competitors and products jumping into the market, and with a constantly evolving workforce, THIS OLD IDEA OF LEADERSHIP IS OBSOLETE, and we need to bring in leadership styles that work.
In this event, you will get a crash-course in:

What leadership styles you need to thrive in the fourth industrial revolution
What skills you need to bring them into your organization
How to do it


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What negative behaviours pressure and uncertainty trigger in people and what we can do about it
What leadership styles we can use to counter those negative behaviours and uplift and motivate the whole organisation
How can we apply those systems consistently and maintain the overall team spirit and motivation.

The access link to the webinar will be sent off to participants the day before the event.

Building Modern Leadership Skills - Webinar, Paris événement

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