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Learn how to create dynamic websites and portals by learning a full-stack web development course which includes HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, CodeIgniter and MySQLWho this course is for:-This course is intended for those who want to build their career as a full-stack web course is also for university students, amateur students, and beginners who want to learn full-stack web Will You Learn:-Build front-end site with HTML5 & CSS.Use JavaScript & JQuery for the dynamic execution of elements.Set up the Server and connect your web PHP to design the back-end of your web PHP framework - , retrieve and update data in MySQL database. Link Front-end, Back-end & Database and complete your web a real-time professional project with all the languages used with strong internet with zoom software installed for the video conference LIVE online sessions with highly skilled tutors currently working in the assignment and doubt clearance.HD quality video recordings and code snippets of courses on a daily basis.No copyrights on the resources lifetime online access to drive access for viewing and downloaded yours and your teammates on course details of the tutor for doubts during and sessions 3 months support for subject doubt sessions 3 months support for interview project experience in the guidance of experienced Duration and Timings:-Total 30 hours | 15 Sessions in 15 days | 2 hours per 1st November, every odd day of November month i.e: 1,3,5,7,...,27,29th day of : US Pacific time 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM every alternate bird for opt-in till 20th October: USD 78920th October - 31st October: USD 890Registration closes on the 31st of Policy:-100% refund minus transaction charges can be applied if the request is initiated 24 hours before the first session of the courseContact:- Wisdom To CodeUSA: +1 (408) 618-6665INDIA: +91 (9136) 900-750Email Address:

Certified Web Developer (30 days) LIVE Tutor-HTML,PHP,CI,JavaScript,MySQL, Wisdom To Code événement

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Process Communication®

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